Practical, foldable, prizeworthy

Macma_Macma is revolutionising the traditional pen butler and secured itself a Promotional Gift Award 2016 in the category Give-aways in the process. The classic pen butler which tends to be a bulky desk accessory is replaced by a plastic version that offers a significant advantage: It is foldable. The pen butler is made of high impact polystyrene modified with rubber, which enables the item to be simply folded into a triangular-shaped pen butler. When folded out flat, the product features DIN long format – ideal prerequisites for implementation as a mailing item that is rounded off by manifold customising options: The pen butler has three surfaces, which can be individualised with a digital, full-colour photo print. Personalised all-round to meet the requirements of the customer, the desk accessory is a give-away with a high communicative potential, which catches everyone’s eye on a daily basis.

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