Permanent hot

Point_of_Promotion_1E5Q7848Hardly distinguishable from the original, the well-known Edding pen, if at all only because of its size, the Edding thermos flask fascinated the jury of the Promotional Gift Award 2016. The perfect, true-to-detail design of the product submitted by Point of Promotion was examined in amazement and the perfect combination between brand communication and high practical value was honoured with an award in the category Custom-made Designs.

The vacuum flask is not only an exact replica of the red felt pen in terms of its shape, colour and customisation, even the cap was reproduced in the authentic design. In contrast to the pen, the contents of the flask is however not permanently red, but instead “permanently hot”. In this way, the tea can also be enjoyed steaming hot and in style in the course of the creative project.

Point of Promotion GmbH