Musical miniatures

TRIK_USB-Gitarren-Set_nm_2This product even brings tears to the eyes of the toughest fans: To commemorate Mark Knopfler’s Tracker Tour 2015, Trik provided fans and music lovers with a special gimmick in the form of three USB sticks that were designed as true-to-detail replicas of the guitars that the world-famous guitar player used during his tour: a Blue Pensa D, a Martin D and a Gibson Les Paul. The legendary guitar models are designed as stylish, true-to-detail miniatures and furthermore offer a convincing 4 GB storage capacity.

As a special souvenir, after the concerts the fans were able to purchase the models with a pre-installed live recording that was stored on the USB sticks during the event. The packaging, in which the sticks were subsequently sold online, also emanates a concert feeling: A box in the shape of a guitar case. The to-scale reproduction of the form, the original colouring and – thanks to the pre-installed concert recordings – the original sound are what makes the USB guitars excel and stand out against the masses of custom-made storage media. The jury found the true-to-detail implementation and the coherent overall concept worthy of a Promotional Gift Award 2016 in the category Merchandising.

TR!K Produktionsmanagement GmbH