Magical Xmas messenger

OffsetdruckereiSchwarzach_IMG_3736The advent calendar of Offsetdruckerei Schwarzach took hearts by storm with its nostalgic charm, decorative added value, high-quality contents and reusability. The product that won a Promotional Gift Award 2016 in the category Premium products & Brand Articles comprises of a two-piece folding box with drawers that each contain twelve packages. Flipped open, a pop-up enfolds that whisks the onlooker away to a beautifully designed Christmas landscape.

The calendar is made out of FSC-certified material and on request can also be produced as a climate-neutral version. In which case, only mineral oil-free dyes are implemented. The final packaging is carried out by Integra, an initiative for the long-term unemployed and disabled people. The outside can be imprinted at will and there is also a wide choice of customising options for the interior – from the individual placement of logos through to a totally personalised design.

Offsetdruckerei Schwarzach Gesellschaft mbH