Clever & smart

OCTOGONE_006339_2Octogone asserted itself against the competition of the Promotional Gift Award 2016 with a smart and literally energy-filled idea. The “smart” thing about the Smart-card is its slim format and the suction cups that enable the power bank to be attached to the reverse side of the smartphone during the charging process. The extremely thin design of the power bank thus enables the user to make calls while the phone is being charged and also turns the item into an ideal mailing booster – so a distinction in the category Communicative Products was on the cards.

Furthermore, the Smart-card convinces with a 2,500 mAh lithium polymer battery and a large advertising surface measuring approx. 95 x 62 mm, which can be customised with a photo imprint. In addition to the micro-USB connection, the card also features a lightning adapter for all common iPhones.