Award-winning premiere

FARE.iAuto_7380-verpackung-offenFare secured itself a Promotional Gift Award 2016 in the category Premium Products & Brand Articles with the, according to company accounts, first ever pocket umbrella worldwide that opens and closes automatically and completely at the push of a button. The iAuto – “i” stands for intelligent – is equipped with a durable lithium-ion battery, a fast micromotor with gears, high-precision mechanics and a control system. As a result of its intelligent electrical transmission control, per charged battery the umbrella can be opened and closed at the push of a button 150 times using just one hand, which makes it ideal among others for disabled or elderly people.

When the battery is fully charged, the award-winning brolly can be used for approx. six months. It can, nevertheless, also be opened and closed manually. The umbrella’s additional features include a splash-water proof handle, a windproof system for maximum frame flexibility, reflective strips at the carrying strap for better visibility, a cover with sun protection factor (UPF 50+) and a high quality gift tube as packaging. The item is customised with an imprint on the panels, closing strap and sheath.

FARE – Guenther Fassbender GmbH