Top dog

Die_Werbtätigen_seppl_auf_grosser_fahrt_detailCompanies looking for original ideas for their next promotion campaign, are in the best hands with the Berlin-based company, Die Werbtätigen. The best example: Seppl on a great voyage. With a wagging tongue, the dog that was “trained“ for the animal feed manufacturer, Josera, surfs on the roof of the car and not only attracts the glances of animals lovers, but also catches the eye of all other traffic road users as well.

The brand ambassador that claimed an award in the category Custom-made Designs is simply and securely fastened using a compact suction cup and withstands speeds of up to 140 km/h (recommended speed). The cut-to-shape design creates the illusion that a panting dog is really surfing on the roof of the car – the movable tongue made of Spinnaker nylon generates a lively, humorous impression. Seppl is “bred” in Germany and makes an ideal permanent promotional product for company and private cars. The favourably-priced brand ambassador on the roof brings a lot of joy, while at the same time increasing Josera’s popularity and brand recognition.