The nicest way of staying cool

Koziol_emmi_ECL_39L_5erTrayMacchiatoThe entry submitted by koziol that won a Promotional Gift Award 2016 in the category Custom-made Designs is really cool: The Erbach–based Glücksfabrik (luck factory) created the Emmi Cup Cooler for the chilled milky coffee specialities – a coffee-to-go cup with a removable cool pack. This enables the Emmi’s Caffè Latte to be enjoyed en route anywhere at a nice chilled temperature. The stable cup made of thermoplastic material keeps the drink cool and fresh and the lid makes sure that the beverage’s packaging doesn’t open in one’s bag by mistake.

The high-quality processing of the product that is manufactured in Germany out of 100% recycled material is also reflected by the embellishment: The logo, product name and slogan were directly integrated into the surface as different glossy and matt effects. The cheeky mottos convey the lifestyle feeling of the Emmi Caffè Latte world.

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