Road proof

DIESER_HR1A4111Companies that want to make sure that their target group occupies itself with the advertising agency in detail, are advised to opt for the 3D puzzle model, Truck by Dieser. The model that received an award in the category Communicative Products comprises of different types of cardboard with a thickness of 1 mm, which are cleverly assembled to make a truck to the scale of 1:43. The model stands out with its absolutely precise appearance and functionality. For example, the driver’s cabin can be hinged open, the trailer can be parked separately and the container can be removed. Furthermore, the wheels move. Thanks to the relief print on both sides, the model also has a nice haptic feel when being shunted, loaded or unloaded and provides long-lasting playing and crafting fun.

Approx. 70% of the material used for the production of the truck is recycling material that originates from Europe. All products can be individually designed and imprinted on both sides. Different types of paper are available for the item.