Let the music play

AudioLogo_1E5Q7843The advertising agency Saint Elmo’s came up with the idea of cleverly combining classic and hip-hop and invited guests to an innovative event. The baton called Workday that was created by Audio Logo and which was ultimately distinguished with a Promotional Gift Award in the category Best Practice , not only sounds good, it also looks good too: An elegant, glossy box shines out beneath its black slipcase automatically attracting the eye. The hot foil embossed slogan on the box: “Who conducts the music in your Human Resource Department?“

On opening the lid, a piece of classic music starts to play, which turns into a rap song as soon as the baton is lifted out of the package. Audio Logo developed a new technology specifically for this special effect. Its special feature is the integrated exciter, which turns the entire box into a loudspeaker. The complete packaging including the slipcase, print embellishment, electronics, etc. was produced in Germany and can be individualised down to the smallest detail – including all print embellishments through to the sound.

Audio Logo GmbH