Kryptonite for data thieves

HeyblauLabs_Kryptonizer_300dpiCMYK_03Easy to remember passwords often prove to be a considerable security risk. As a key pendent in card format, the Kryptonizer by Hey!blau Labs, which even provides secure passwords en route, is very convincing. The clever product encodes passwords letter for letter and transforms the simplest of combinations comprising of just four characters into a cryptic bulwark. Thanks to a special process, each pendant is individually encoded and can only be used by the respective owner. Even if the card is lost, the passwords remain protected.

The pendant that claimed an award in the category Give-aways is made from recyclable materials such as bio-PVC. The items are produced in Germany using green energy in accordance with the quality and environmental management standards (ISO 9001 and 14001). As an advertising messenger for users with a high need for security, there is a choice of several customising options even for small order quantities of the Kryptonizer: The material, imprint, card and shape of the pendant can be designed to suit the customer’s individual preferences.

Hey!blau Labs e.K.