Imprisoned storage medium

Werbemittel Hagemann_1E5Q7826Allianz Germany has stood for experience and competence in insurance matters for 125 years and advises both private and business customers. The advertising tool Allianz Manager Liability developed by the advertising agency Hagemann, which was distinguished in the category Best Practice, is a specially developed USB stick that communicates its advertising statement in association with the individual packaging: The digital storage medium comes is designed as a manager and is integrated into a picture frame that contains a photo of a prison cell. In the course of consulting discussions, the item can be used to draw attention in a humorous way to the complex theme of “manager liability”. The “imprisoned” USB stick contains further information, among others on criminal law legal protection and employment contract legal protection. In addition to its high communicative potential, the custom-made product once again proves that clever devised haptic products have their advantages over brochures and folders.

Werbemittelagentur Hagemann GmbH