Hot stuff

Zuckerbäcker_essbare-grillkohle_moodbildRed hot, brand new and highly topical: There were plenty of good reasons for presenting the Edible grill charcoal by Zuckerbäcker with a Promotional Gift Award 2016. On the one hand, the product made of fine foam sugar with a black “layer of soot” made of dyed sugar is a good imitation of real coal and is an innovative messenger that is guaranteed to attract the attention of the recipient. On the other hand, the original product is ideal for promotions during the summer months, when lots of barbecues are held. Finally, the product can be implemented as a hot favourite in the scope of the European Championship promotions as a favourably-priced popular promotional item. The best thing is: the black foam sugar spheres not only look like coal, they can also be grilled over the fire on a skewer.

The individually designable mini coal sack made of recyclable natron paper delivered further convincing arguments for a distinction in the category Communicative Products. The large-surface labels can be completely freely designed and imprinted. The shape, colour and further customising options such as punching or special colours are also possible. On request, the mini coal sack is available in further colours and sizes.

Der Zuckerbäcker GmbH