Give-away with a clean conscience

JOSANTO_bioponcho_ansicht_1Equipped with the Bioponcho by Josanto one can cheerfully stand in the rain at events like concerts, festivals and sports event and have a clean conscience, because the poncho is a reliable protection against the wet and is at the same time a sustainable, eco-friendly and furthermore breathable alternative to the customary disposable raincoats because it is completely made out of certified bioplastic. Furthermore, the poncho can optionally be delivered as a CO2-neutral version. The product can be completely individualised and offers a host of different print options, the ponchos can be dyed in pantone colours to match the given CI.

The Bioponcho comes packed inside a sealed, imprinted bag made of the same material. There is an imprintable banderole made of recycled paper for elaborate motifs or lettering too. In addition, inlays made of recycled paper or stickers are also offered. Last-minute orders – i.e. in the case of unfavourable weather forecasts – are possible because non-customised stock goods with a sticker can be delivered within just five days. The manufacturer donates one cent for every Bioponcho sold to the NGO “Viva con Agua”, which has set itself the task of providing people in developing countries with water. The jury rewarded this commitment and the ideal communication of environmental awareness and care in one product with a Promotional Gift Award 2016 in the category Give-aways.