Drink when it flashes

i4doo_ulla-glows-xsDrink a lot – it is easily said, and indeed easily done as well. At least in the case of Ulla by i4. The utensil that won an award in the category Communicative Products is a practical reminder for people, who never drink enough. The item also communicates care and responsibility in the name of the promoting company. Ulla is attached to a drinking bottle or glass using a silicon strap and thanks to its clever integrated sensor technology notices when somebody is nearby. If the respective receptacle is not raised within half an hour, Ulla emits a light signal, which is also noticeable from the corner of one’s eye.

Ulla is produced in Slovenia, comes in different colours and can be individually imprinted together with the packaging. An individual introductory brochure underlines the personal flair of the practical gift. Since the small bottle genie only switches on automatically when it registers a movement close by, it only uses one single button cell battery every six months.

i4 d.o.o.