Celebrative atmosphere in the tightest of space

DerGugl 2692The Happy Gugl 2 U is a small lucky charm that creates an enjoyable, festive atmosphere and lends a cheerful note to every employee, membership or company anniversary, birthday or wedding day. Comprising of a mini ring cake, a candle and a match, the cake kit by DerGugl that was distinguished in the category Communicative Products provides everything one needs for a party. Whether you take it to the beach with you, climb a mountain or send it by post as a greeting – Happy Gugl 2 U gets everyone in the party mood.

Both the outside and the inside of the cake box can be completely customised with an imprint. The exterior of the “Freudenfeuer” (bonfire) matchbox can also be individualised with an imprint. One can choose between a matt or glossy finish on the match folders. There are 24 varieties of the mini cake and accompanied by one of the 25 standard greetings or a personal greeting, it really is a communicative highlight.

DerGugl Manufaktur GmbH & Co. KG