Best greetings with a pickle

Birkhäuser_Bild_gesamtBirkhäuser is lending the pickle a new, Christmassy touch, combining as such tradition with the modern and was rewarded with a distinction in the category Custom-made Designs for its efforts. The Swiss packaging specialist implemented a hand-blown, hand-painted pickle made of glass as a Christmas gift for its customers. In this way, the traditional company revived the old German custom of the Christmas pickle, which has almost been completely forgotten and has lent the subject a new lease of elegant flair.

Apart from the Christmas pickle, everything was produced in-house, the company even wrote the Christmas story itself. The customising techniques offered by Birkhäuser range from cold and hot foil embossing on virtually all elements, to diverse coating options, logo and CI implementation, through to the optional utilisation of other materials.

Birkhäuser+GBC AG