Back to the roots

BIO Strohhalm1E5Q7810In today’s era of plastic straws not everybody is aware that the reason they are called drinking straws is because they were originally made out of straw. The organic straws of the Austrian company called bio Strohhalme that were distinguished in the category Give-aways are bringing the original items back to the beakers and have also come up with a surprising modern feature: The straws can be laser imprinted and thus make ideal sustainable advertising messengers with a kick. The straw used comes exclusively from organically cultivated fields and is disinfected using an eco-friendly hot water steam technology. As far as the processing is concerned, in addition to the environmental aspects, great value is placed on social sustainability, because the straw is cut to size in regional integrative workshops. Bio Strohhalme offers manifold embellishing options for the straws and packaging. Since customised designs are possible for small volumes, drinks can be presented with personal and quaint charm at both small and big events alike.

BIO Strohhalme