XXL advertising surface

Heri_1Heri-Rigoni’s Printer literally made a lasting impression at the Promotional Gift Award 2015 in the category Communicative Products. The “huge all-round advertising surface on the housing” particularly convinced the jury. The stamp is individualised with an inserted XXL image card that can be imprinted using either offset or digital printing techniques, which lends the item its attractive appearance and ensures the true-to-detail reproduction of the advertising message on a surface measuring 54 x 88 mm. Furthermore, Printer is an elegant solution of how to get around the ban on promotional products in the pharmaceutical sector.

The stamp plate made out of natural rubber comprises of four lines and measures 14 x 38 mm, the integrated ink pad is exchangeable. Printer is produced in a carbon-neutral manner and in compliance with DIN ISO 14001 (environmental management). The stamp is suitable for numerous target groups.

Heri-Rigoni GmbH