Tools in credit card format

TouchofGinger_NeuWhether in the form of a bottle opener, ice scraper, shoehorn, card holder or spanner – the C6 Wallet Tools by Touch of Ginger are available in various versions and fit inside any wallet. Because the mini tools made out of carbon (C6 stands for carbon in the periodic system) are only the size of a credit card. Whereby their recyclable material is five times stronger than steel, yet weighs 60% less. The „circuit board-look“ imprint and the punched hexagons in molecule form accentuate the stylish, minimalistic look. Both the material and design arouse desire – particularly among technology and design-oriented target groups. Furthermore, the tools offer a large advertising surface and can be individualised in manifold ways and their functions can be modified.

Plenty of reasons for winning an award in the category Give-aways.

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