Tight-knit with the target group

Daiber_1E5Q1859In order to promote its new knitted and crocheted hat catalogue to the editorial offices and specialised media, Daiber sent out a two-phase knitted mailing, which was distinguished in the category Best Practice. The first consignment of the press package contained a CD with PR materials, a loop scarf from the new collection as well as a knitting Nancy including instructions, needles and wool so that the recipients were able to while away the waiting time until the new catalogue appeared. In the second phase a box with a card in the same design was implemented, which contained a knitted hat and gloves as well as the hot-off-the-press catalogue.

The aim of making the task and the self-made character of the products in the catalogue (knitted and crocheted hats) tangible via the mailing and thus also creating the corresponding atmosphere of suspense before the catalogue appeared was successfully achieved. The brand message – and we are certainly not telling a yarn here – went down extremely well: According to Daiber, the mailing achieved a 75% response rate.

Gustav Daiber GmbH