Strong brand ambassador

Prodir_IntroDS9Prodir secured itself a Promotional Gift Award 2015 in the category Give-aways with the new DS9. The plastic ballpoint designed by Christoph Schnug, Studio C Milano, emanates a highly dynamic design language – from the rounded tip through to the oval-shaped pusher. Its palette of colours also arouses attention: New “material colours” such as leather, bakelite or forest green are combined with fashionable colours like orange and neon-yellow.

The customising options of the newcomer are also prize-worthy. For example, the clip offers a large advertising surface whereas “mix and match” options allow further creative design possibilities. The verdict of the jury: “The potential of the DS9 as a (brand) messenger is maximised by its design quality: Developed especially for the promotion market and carrying the ‘Swiss-made’ quality seal, it combines an impressive identity and message with a choice of strong customising options.”