Second life

True Fruits_truefruitsThe smoothie manufacturer True Fruits developed the bottle top attachments Pourer and Shaker for its “For a life after the last sip”, which claimed a Promotional Gift Award in the category Custom-made Designs. Although the smoothie glass bottles of True Fruits that are made of waste glass are already in principal recyclable – the two stainless steel attachments that can be screwed onto the 250 ml bottles, give them more or less a “second life”. In this way, the “designer upcycling products“ can be used to store and serve liquids such as vinegar, oil or soya sauce or as receptacles for salt, sugar or other fine seasoning.

The set combines a high level of creativity with attractive design and a sustainable concept, which was a key focus of the entire True Fruits campaign.

Die UKW Vertriebs GmbH