Say it with magnets

Geschenkidee_2he Swiss company has developed individual messages that not only stick in the onlooker’s minds, but also onto fridges or pin boards and the company was rewarded for its creativity with a Promotional Gift Award 2015 in the category Premium Products & Brand Articles. Magnet-Poesie is a creative Christmas mailing that the Swiss company implemented on behalf of a marketing agency. The focus was placed on the theme of communications – a task that the Swiss company accomplished using magnetic words, which were freely positionable on a magnetic slate film on the lid of the mailing packaging. It is also possible to write on the board using chalk.

The entire packaging can be individually 4c imprinted, whereby foil stamping, blind embossing as well as diverse laminates are also possible. All of the magnets can be individually designed in terms of their size, colour, font type and size. Personalisations – i.e. the names of the recipient as a magnetic word – are already possible for orders of one piece upwards. Additional products such as magnetic chalk can be effortlessly integrated and affixed to the packaging. GmbH‘