Round the world in 24 days

Offsetdruckerei Schwarzach_advent2014_0124 days, 24 countries: The Advent calendar international by the offset printing shop Schwarzach shows how Christmas is celebrated all over the world and portrays the customs and peculiarities of the various regions in manifold cross-media and multisensory ways: The 24 small parcels inside contain sweets as well as a text on the respective country, the outline of which is sketched on the rear side. A QR code is printed next to the text on the interior of the box. When the code is scanned, a sound file is played citing the text, accompanied by festive background music.

Furthermore, a „Jacob’s Ladder“ is concealed inside the lid of the advent calendar that won a Promotional Gift Award 2015 in the category Communicative Products. The figure found behind the first door of the calendar can be placed on the ladder and moved upwards step by step every day. On December 24, it will then have reached the last step and the symbolic ascent from earth to heaven will have been accomplished.

The advent calendar is completely manufactured out of FSC-certified material and it is imprinted and customised using a carbon-neutral process. The chocolate contained inside the parcels carries the Fairtrade seal.

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