Revolutionary technology

GLOBAL INNOVATIONS_poly geschlossenGlobal Innovations submitted a totally new customising technique for entry to the Promotional Gift Award 2015: PolyTaksys is a prize draw processor, which opens a window in an individually definable timeframe, which reveals a corresponding winning code, discount value, printed images, etc. It consists of several specially imprinted films lying on top of each other, whereby the bottom layer or film is imprinted at will with an advertising message, photo, win or discount symbol for instance and where on activation the top film opens after a short time delay, among others using a manual process by tearing off or folding back a flap. The cover layer then opens up in the timeframe previously laid down by the promoting company (i.e. after three to five days) and the bottom layer becomes visible. The functional principle is based on a lateral auto-oxidation of aluminium; electrolyte film, graphite electrodes and membrane switches play a further role.

The innovative PolyTaksys technology opens up countless interesting application options and achieves a long-lasting promotional impact. Moreover, it is absolutely safe from any kind of manipulation. The revolutionary invention, which according to the manufacturers is patented and unique in the world, was distinguished with a Promotional Gift Award in the category Customising Technologies.

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