Razor-sharp panorama views

LaBelleEpoque_PanoramaknifeThe PanoramaKnife by La Belle Epoque that won an award in the category Premium Products & Brand Articles is the implementation of the simple, yet equally ingenious idea of reproducing the panorama of a mountain on the blade of a bread knife accompanied by the name and height of the mountain. 13 different Swiss Alps as well as Liechtenstein, Großglockner, Zugspitze and the city panorama of Berlin have been available as a sharp kitchen utensil with local flair since the item’s market introduction in November 2012. The article is complemented by wooden cutting boards, knife blocks, breakfast boards, slate products and tea towels of similar design.

All components are, where possible, manufactured in Switzerland or in neighbouring countries. The handle of the PanoramaKnife is made out of recycled rosewood from the furniture industry, which is given a new life. There are several customising options: from an engraving on the blade or handle, through to own developments, i.e. of a new product based on an existing panorama or even a completely new panorama.

La Belle Epoque GmbH