Polished appearance

LANYBOOK_2Every year the Vienna Opera Ball is one of the most important events in Austria’s official events calendar. Making a polished appearance is of course imperative here. The Lanybook Vienna Opera Ball found inside the ladies goodies bag at the 58th Vienna Opera Ball in 2014 guaranteed precisely that.

The limited-edition cream-coloured notebook in A6 format features a high-quality Lanybutton in gold embossed with the words “Opera Ball” and an elegant dance shoe pendant and is finished off with a Lanyband in the same colour as the book’s cover. The Tucson binding is embossed with a dotted diamond pattern and the edges of the pages are dyed gold. The logo of the Vienna State Opera is printed on each page of the elegant notebook and the packaging is also customised with the golden signet. A special highlight of the Lanybook, which was designed in cooperation with the Austrian company, Die Kalendermacher (The Calendar Makers), is the integrated pocket mirror on the inside cover, which allowed the ladies to check their hair and make-up from time to time.

Lanybook won a Promotional Gift Award 2015 in the category Custom-made Designs for its detailed rendering of the glamorous atmosphere of the Vienna Opera Ball in haptic promotional product format.

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