Message in a bottle

Goodway_1E5Q2916goodway Werbedesign’s message in a bottle proves that such messages also have a high impact when dispatched via the normal distribution channels.

The promotional products agency developed a message in the bottle mailing with diverse contents for a year-end business campaign for the insurance company Allianz. The slogan: „You have important mail“. The bottle contained a sports drinking bottle made out of 90% biomass and information material on a life insurance policy. Also inside the bottle: the ballpoint pen Bear and the XXL jelly bear „BÄRlin“, a reference to the insurance company’s head office in Berlin („Bär“ is German for bear – the heraldic animal of Berlin).

In total, 1,200 packages were dispatched to Allianz insurance brokers as sales tools, the campaign received a lot of positive feedback. It also went down very well with the jury of the Promotional Gift Award: The item namely won an award in the category Best Practice.

goodway werbedesign e.K.