“Medicine” for more acceptance

Nowak_1E5Q2885The Austrian company Nowak-Werbeartikel demonstrated how to stand up against homophobia in an intelligent way and show one’s stance without pointing fingers with its item Homophobex forte. The “medicine” against hostility towards lesbians and gays that was developed for a campaign of the advice centre, Courage, was implemented in the scope of a campaign for the acceptance of homosexuals and transsexuals within the Austrian society, with the aim of promoting the development of a more positive and extended self-perception and supporting an open society based on mutual respect.

“Acceptance of variety instead of tolerance of others” is the message of the advice centre, Courage, which wants to “cure” the society using Homophobex forte and free them from their aversions – a mission that according to the jury of the Promotional Gift Award 2015 “was intelligently implemented from the blister to the box through to the instruction leaflet“. The side effect: an award in the category Best Practice.