Journey into the underwater world

ASS_S140195NettoOzeanien_Album_offen_mitKarten_3D“In 8 weeks through the oceans“, the campaign implemented by the playing card factory, Altenburg, whisks you off into the underwater world. 108 collectible cards depicting photos and information on marine animals and eight marine regions of the world including trumps form the basis of the campaign.

During the eight weeks of the campaign, for every ten Euros spent on purchases at the food discounter Netto, the shopper received five of the collectible cards packed inside a foil sachet. It was possible to call up an “online aquarium” via a web application, which enabled the cards to be added and examined using the augmented reality technology. Furthermore, a collector’s album for the cards containing additional detailed information could be purchased separately.

According to the playing card factory, the “In 8 weeks through the oceans” customer bonding campaign was the first loyalty campaign to implement this hybrid approach, which allowed the physical playing card product to be linked with the online world. This innovative concept was rewarded with a distinction in the category Best Practice.

Spielkartenfabrik Altenburg GmbH / ASS Altenburger