Inner values

KOZIOL_Saltletts_Box_opened2It all comes down to the inner values. The Saltletts serving bowl by Koziol is the perfect example of this because this exclusive product development that was distinguished with a Promotional Gift Award in the category Custom-made Designs is the ideal serving and storage solution for Saltletts salt sticks and pretzels of the brand Lorenz.

The set comprises of a serving bowl with a lid, which has a long handle in the middle for lifting and transporting the item. Partitions divide the recyclable bowl up into four compartments. This means that the salt sticks always stand upright so they can be easily extracted. The lid can be used to seal the bowl so that the snacks remain fresh. But that is not all: If the lid is turned upside down, it can additionally be used for serving pretzels, they can namely be balanced on the handle.

The product was developed for Lorenz for a customer loyalty programme.

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