Goes down well

Jung_letter_plus_dankeJung Bonbonfabrik has come up with a mailing item that is guaranteed not to land in the wastepaper bin unopened, but will find its way straight into the recipient’s mouth instead: Letter Plus is a mailing packet with a high success rate, because it also contains a mailing booster in the form of a delicious fruit gum. Thanks to a variety of different fruit gum shapes such as cars, buses and thumbs or the words “Thanks” and “New”, all sorts of messages can be conveyed in a striking and high-impact manner. The individual fruit gum standard shapes weigh 12 g and have a shelf life of 12 months.

The mailing packaging that can be customised with a 4c digital imprint comprises of a slipcase with a window, which presents the contents once the cover letter has been removed. The jury distinguished the product in the category Give-aways.