Gift with symbolic character

Nini Reklam_1E5Q2901What could be a better way of showing one’s appreciation at the end of the year than a personal gift that accentuates the connection between the bestower and the recipient? Betek Boya, one of the largest Turkish paint manufacturers, answered this question in 2013 when he came up with a very special gift that picked up on the close relationship between the company and its business partners. The starting point was the company’s motto, an aphorism by the Persian mystic Rumi about beauty. The result was a high-quality ornamental picture with a mother-of-pearl inlay and the implementation of silver and brass that symbolised Betek Boya and his strong distributor network.

This „symbolic character“ also convinced the jury of the Promotional Gift Award, who awarded the picture a prize in the category Custom-made Designs. The material characteristics and the personal approach of the gift were classed as being prize-worthy.

Nini Reklam Organizasyon Özel Eğitim Tic. Ltd. Şti.