Exciting journey through time


Cryptex by Project 111 is mysterious, precious and also displays the authentic charm of past times. The extraordinary USB stick, which won an award in the category Premium Products & Brand Articles, is based on the mechanics of rotating rings with letters or digits, which people used to protect their secrets for centuries. Today, USB sticks are used to transport data safely – Cryptex picks up on both elements and protects the data using a 16 GB USB stick with the mechanical combination lock from ancient times. Project 111 offered the best example of a possible implementation itself: An anniversary film was preinstalled onto Cryptex to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the company based in St. Petersburg and the security code was written on paper in milk. The USB stick and paper were presented to the guests inside a gift box together with a cigarette lighter. On heating the paper, the code became visible and each of the guests was able to remove the USB stick from the cylinder and watch the film.

Cryptex can be customised with a laser engraving or screen print.

Project 111