Craft your own camera

Leica Kind1“A creative and original idea that arouses enthusiasm for photography among the young family members and already introduces the youngest children to the brand,” was the jury’s unanimous verdict on the Leica-Camera-Handicraft Sheet, which won a Promotional Gift Award in the category Best Practice.

The handicraft sheet in the shape and size of an original Leica camera M was implemented for the opening of the new company premises of Leitz Camera AG in the Leitz-Park Wetzlar. Whilst mum and dad were touring around the new headquarters, the aspiring young photographers were able to design their own camera. Furthermore, it was all part of a charity campaign: 200 junior school children painted and designed the Leica M cardboard cameras based on their own creative ideas. The small pieces of art were subsequently exhibited at the company’s new headquarters. In return for the colourful unique specimens, Leica supported a non-profit making organisation.

No scissors were needed, the individual parts of the camera could simply be pressed out of the handicraft sheet and no glue was needed to stick them together either. The sheet was coated with a special matt varnish, which on the one hand made it abrasion-resistant and yet still allowed the surface to be coloured in using crayons.

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