Conveying cans and advertising

Thimm_THIMM_Multipack_I_canThimm secured itself a Promotional Gift Award 2015 in the category Packaging with an innovative transport and packaging solution for drink cans. The Thimm Multipack | can made out of eco-friendly corrugated cardboard effortlessly takes on different types of cans thanks to its clever construction with a pull tab locking mechanism – from the 250 ml slimline can, to 0.33 l and 0.55 l cans, through to the 1 l maxi can. Optionally, two, three, four or six cans can be securely attached to each other and conveniently carried using the finger grip holes. Furthermore, the implementation of flexible materials enables the user-friendly extraction of the cans from the packaging.

It is possible to integrate the Thimm Multipack | can into most production processes including automated packaging or manual packing without much effort and it is easy to dispose of because the material used is recyclable. As a full-surface, imprintable outer packaging it can alternatively pick up on the product design or place a special emphasis in the form of a contrast surface.

Thimm Verpackung GmbH + Co. KG