Clever & smart

DNS_CYS_ladenCard Your Smart by DNS Design, which is the same size as a bank card, keeps a tight hold of nearly all conventional smartphones while they are being charged. The respective device is simply plugged into the narrow slot of the card whilst the wide slot houses the plug of the charging cable. This enables the smartphone to be plugged into any socket together with the charging device. The fact that the slot is covered with rubber prevents the mobile phone from getting scratched. Furthermore, the product that is manufactured in Germany can also be used as a smartphone stand when looking at photos or watching films.

Thanks to its compact dimensions and weighing just 9 g, the Card Your Smart makes an ideal mailing booster or give-away for trade shows and events. 90% of the product’s surface can be individualised. Plenty of reasons for the item to win a Promotional Gift Award 2015 in the category Give-aways.

DNS Design