The world of chocolate

chocri2Chocri is sending chocolate lovers on a culinary voyage of discovery around the globe with World Travel. The item that was distinguished with a Promotional Gift Award 2014 in the category Communicative Products is filled with 24 delicious bars of chocolate that are individually produced by hand. Refined with goji berries, cocoa bean chips, strawberries and other surprising ingredients, the sensual chocolate specialities delight the recipients with the spices of Africa, the diversity of Asia and the culinary culture of Europe.

The World Travel box optionally comes in the overall chocri design or alternatively it can be completely individualised. An enclosed flyer, which can also be attached to the box, offers an additional attention-grabbing advertising surface. Furthermore, the promoting companies also have the option of personalising the packaging. Due to its compact format the exclusive box also makes an ideal mailing item.

chocri GmbH