The longest torch in the world

meterex_small3The Leuchtmeter (Luminous Rule) by meterex is quite literally a highlight, which was distinguished with a Promotional Gift Award 2014 in the category Communicative Products. The model made of fibre glass reinforced ABS plastic which features stainless steel spring rivets and electronic elements combines a high-quality 2 m folding rule with an integrated LED lamp and is thus, according to company accounts, not only a world novelty, but also currently the world’s “longest torch”.

The Leuchtmeter makes it possible to work in poorly lit spaces and thanks to its flat construction and pliability can also be used for narrow gaps such as shafts, pipes, machines and behind cupboards. The innovative ruler is equipped with an abrasion-resistant two-colour scale in black and red, the firmly riveted joints click into place at precisely 90° and 180°. The LED lamp switches on when the first joint is folded back at 8.5 cm. In order to guarantee a low energy consumption the sustainable item is equipped with LED technology and an electronically controlled automatic switch-off. The plastic materials used are recyclable.

Karl Kuntze (GmbH & Co.)