The crown jewel among the tubes

1_smallLinhardt is vividly demonstrating that a tube is not simply a tube. For a special Christmas campaign, the Paperflex tube model was filled with chocolate cream and ennobled with a specially developed screw top equipped with a crown, lending the product a Holy Three Kings look.

The Holy Three Kings tube set not only stands out from the masses of other mustard and mayonnaise tubes due to its sweet contents and elaborate artistic design, but also because of the tube material itself: The Paperflex tube is made up of layers consisting of up to 50% paper and an outer aluminium layer. Hence, the innovative tube has found a way of reducing or completely replacing the plastic and aluminium content. The tubes are packed inside a carton that can be directly dispatched without any additional packaging. The tubes are anchored inside the carton without the use of additional adhesive in such a way that they cannot fall out during transport.

The potential of the Paperflex tube in the food sector, combined with the minimalistic, original Christmas deco, the matching optics of the folding boxes and the specially designed crown closures went down very well with the jury of the Promotional Gift Award 2014: The result was a distinction in the category Packaging.