Stylish scraper

blueboxDue to its high-quality workmanship and practical handling, bluebox Promotion’s ice-scraper frees car windscreens from ice in a jiffy. Thanks to its innovative customising options, the item also effectively communicates advertising messages, arguments which earned its developers a Promotional Gift Award 2014 in the category Give-aways.

As a result of its clever design, the product offers an excellent grip and lies securely in the hand. Unlike most of the models currently found on the market, this ice-scraper is not merely individualised using a conventional logo imprint. Instead, the logo is displayed in a three-dimensional format and integrated into the dynamic design, which has a particularly stylish effect. Furthermore, the useful give-away made of recyclable plastic that features a specially developed sleeve made of polyester felt, which not only protects the item when stored in the car, it can also be used as a glove when clearing the screens from ice and snow.

Bluebox Promotion GmbH