Sought & found

Sleeve_smallA Promotional Gift Award 2014 in the category Premium Products & Brand Articles went to the Slovenian company Invented4. Chipolo is a colourful, small chip that locates lost items via Bluetooth using iPhones or android smartphones. The chip, which has an integrated antenna system and temperature sensor, is simply attached to frequently sought objects such as keys, wallets, travel bags or a dog’s collar.

Chipolo works completely wireless thanks to a Bluetooth 4.0 low energy connection and an integrated, replaceable battery with a service life of up to six months. Furthermore, according to company sources, the chip boasts a unique range of up to 60 m and is app-operated. Items can only be located using the smartphone that the chip was originally connected to. The temperature sensor allows the user to determine whether the item is indoors or out based on the transmitted ambient temperature.

Chipolo is manufactured in Slovenia and makes an ideal product for companies from the telecommunications, online and IT industries. Its clear, ultra-flat design, nine bright colours and its unique function turn the prize-winning product into an exceptional promotional messenger. In addition to an imprint on the chip, the app can also be designed to meet individual requirements.

invented4/I4, Grega Piškur s.p.