Let your hands do the talking!

Interimage presented their PhoneGloves at the Promotional Gift Award 2014 – an innovative Smartphone gadget, which the judges promptly rewarded with a distinction in the category Premium Products & Brand Articles. The both practical and ultramodern accessory is perfect for anyone, who doesn’t want to stop making calls even on icy winter days; it guarantees loads of fun anytime, anywhere while at the same time arousing a high level of attention. The high-tech device connects with the smartphone via Bluetooth. As long as the user keeps his thumb on his ear and his small finger on his mouth, the gloves can be conveniently used when making calls. The Smartphone doesn’t have to be taken out of its case and the user doesn’t have to take his gloves off, which means cold fingers will become a thing of the past. The advertising message is also the centre of attention.

The PhoneGloves can be produced in the colour of the promoting company’s choice and can be individualised with a logo and advertising message.

Interimage BV