For eternity

MARTINI_ETERNO_smallCompanies that want to leave a lasting impression on their target group should definitely opt for Eterno. The retro eternal calendar by Responsor that is made out of full-colour imprinted cardboard picks up on the nostalgic advertising style of the 1950s, while at same time always displaying the current date.

The calendar is made in Italy out of FSC-certified cardboard and paper and offers a printing surface measuring 31 x 42 cm that has three integrated windows for the day of the week, the date and the month. Whether at the POS or on the office wall – the wall decoration is always up-to-date, for example to promote new products from the beverage and food sector and it also make a perfect platform for historical paintings or famous advertising motifs, providing a sophisticated setting for traditional companies. Due to its unusual size and special finish, Eterno sheds a new light on the promoting company. Because it reminds the onlooker of the past, it conveys a message of continuity and trust. All in all, plenty of reasons for it to claim a Promotional Gift Award 2014 in the category Communicative Products.

Responsor Srl