Eye-to-eye brand loyalty

DSC_4413_smallWhilst striking nerd glasses have long since asserted themselves as a fashionable accessory, Nunettes are also causing a stir with their individualisable glasses. Their special feature: Not only the frame, but also the lenses can be customised. The outside lenses of the sunglasses are simply covered with a perforated imprinted film. 68% of the surface is imprinted, 32% is perforated, which allows the wearer an unlimited view while at the same time guaranteeing clear visibility of the film imprint from the outside. The films can be imprinted with company logos, slogans, product images, samples or designs. Depending on the requirements, the glasses feature a UV protection of 400 and a light absorption of between 82% and 92%.

Impressed by the logos and advertising messages at eye level, the jury of the Promotional Gift Award 2014 presented the eye-catching promotion idea with a prize in the category Give-aways.

Nunettes Germany GmbH