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belgosweetThe innovative Papermint Cool Caps by offer refreshment in two phases: the mint capsules packed inside glass tubes comprise of an outer case that melts immediately in the mouth and which guarantees fresh, pleasant breath. The inside capsule is subsequently swallowed and provides a long-lasting refreshing feeling inside the stomach.

Their small, lightweight format turns the Cool Caps into ideal give-aways and mailing boosters. Similar to a perfume sample they can also be delivered inside a paper sachet. For minimum order volumes of 100 pieces, the flag on the packaging can be customised with the customer’s logo. According to company accounts,

Papermint Cool Caps are the strongest mint products for fresh breath and are sold in chemists in various countries under the Papermint brand. The product was presented with a Promotional Gift Award 2014 in the category Give-aways for their ultimate refreshing factor with promotional appeal.