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TRA5011-LN-2_smallConventional suitcase tags have the disadvantage that the personal contact data can be easily read by passers-by at train stations or airports, making it child’s play for potential thieves, because they know exactly who is setting off on holiday. PSL has found a solution to this problem – the Bellboy, which is according to company accounts the first ever rewritable suitcase tag made of silicon that was distinguished with an award in the category Give-aways. The Silicon band is inscribed with the personal contact data and simply wrapped around the handle of the case. This means that the personal data is not visible at a glance, but the luggage is nevertheless directly identifiable.

For minimum orders of 250 pieces, Bellboy is available in any desired Pantone colour. The large advertising surface offers various positions for a logo and advertising message, which can be realised as a screen print or engraving. On request, the environmentally-friendly, recyclable packaging can also be individually designed.

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